How did TALI get started?  
  Two years ago, a group of teacher locals from Nassau county got together to discuss issues of concern:  
  • Our members are in need of solid, truthful information about issues of local, regional and national concern to them;
  • Our need for coalitions and support in our communities was strong and important;
  • Our concern over legislation impacting education was very real.

Together, we developed three main goals to address the above issues. The 3 goals for TakeActionLI are:

  1. To educate our local members about issues of importance to education today;
  2. To bring together all members of our community with a vested interest in the success of our schools;
  3. To work with legislators both local and regional, to push for legislation that will positively affect our communities and our schools.



Hope you can join us!


Take Action L.I.